Sasau. Husasau de Tinca or The Periwinkle Village

Husasău de Tinca is a fairly large village in the Romanian countryside in the Bihor county quite close to the Hungarian border and a few minutes away from Crişu Negru or Black River. A forest splits the boundaries between its lands and the nearest town Tinca, after which it has been named. Sasău however stands for the flower pictured hereunder and I have no idea how you call it in English.

Sasău / Credit:

Sasău / Credit:

If anyone can offer translations, no matter the language, it would be highly appreciated. The flower which I call sasău is always blooming into a pastel violet and is mostly common in spring time, it spreads in moist environments like forests in the shadow of large trees and occasionally in gardens if well hidden by the sun’s light. In the above picture, I replanted it from a nearby forest in my home garden shadowed by large nut trees.

This is a small flower indeed but I’ve seen some very large flowers (practically the same) growing in the park of Palacio Pena in Sintra, Portugal crawling on large tree trunks, so if the readers of this blog could help with the name, it would be great!

UPDATE: Thank you My Food and Flowers for the valuable information. It’s Vinca minor or periwinkle. So the huge ones I’ve seen in Portugal were definitely Vinca major!

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4 Responses to Sasau. Husasau de Tinca or The Periwinkle Village

  1. It is Vinca minor, its common name is periwinkle.

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