NATO’s Next Secretary General From Romania? Basescu vs. Geoana

Rumour has it that NATO’s 2014 Secretary General might come from Central or Eastern Europe. Or more precisely from Romania. Here is what Damon W. Wilson (ExecVP @ Atlantic Council reporting insider diplomatic insights and analysis on a Europe whole and free, NATO, and democracy promotion) tweeted on his Twitter account on April 17, 2013:

Or that is what Mircea Geoana, former Romanian President contender but never winner wants us to believe. That Romania, himself included, might be a perfect NATO SecGen candidate in 2014.

Today, Romanian PM Victor Ponta admitted that someone, President Traian Basescu excluded, had indeed asked for NATO Secretary General candidacy support. Reminder: Mircea Geoana competed in the 2009 presidential elections and lost by inches. So, would a NATO Secretary General position fit Mircea Geoana? According to NATO’s own website: no! Why not? Because he is not high profile anymore and I quote:

The function of Secretary General is filled by a senior statesman with high-level political experience in the government of one of the member countries. The person is nominated by member governments for an initial period of four years, which can be extended by mutual consent.

Tough luck for Mircea Geoana but interesting position for President Traian Basescu! Have you noticed recently, just after the impeachment failure, that all presidential news conferences are held in a blue room with NATO’s flag right behind him? Is this a sign?

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