Louvre Museum Closes Gates While Elena Basescu (MEP) Runs Roma Ethnical Campaign

Elena Basescu, MEP (Member of the European Parliament, EPP) also daughter of Romanian President Traian Basescu has broken news some days ago about running for the European Parliament once again as an independently elected candidate. Let’s just skip the previous campaign when she obviously got the support of the Democrat Liberal Party now fallen to pieces and was quite dependent in that respect.

Elena Basescu, MEP

Elena Basescu, MEP

Lately she has spoken publicly quite often about her support for the Roma ethnic minority from Romania underlining that Roma ethnics are discriminated against and abused in their daily life.

Ms. Basescu advocated for the Roma minority saying that Romanian MPs representing them in Parliament or officials from Government have not done enough to express their solidarity with these problems. She fingerpointed the Government for failing to adequately implement the Roma National Strategy for Inclusion as the Roma minority is still discriminated, abused and severely empoverished.

However, Ms. Elena Basescu fails to acknowledge that the Roma National Strategy for Inclusion  was enforced during the Democrat Liberal Government by former Prime Minister Emil Boc whom she never stops praising and who also backed her in her previous campaign.

Ms. Basescu has also had several political statements related to the Roma minority in Parliament. Out of curiosity, Ms. Basescu, what is the angle of your Roma political campaign support presently when the Louvre in Paris needs to close down because gangs of pickpockets roam around and inside the museum’s halls?

Louvre Museum, Paris / Ed Freeman/Getty

Louvre Museum, Paris / Ed Freeman/Getty

It is not only news from the media Ms. Basescu, I personally felt shame walking past the Louvre gates some years ago and seeing for myself gangs of Roma children originating from Romania exploited as pickpockets. This week the Louvre in Paris had closed down because of epidemics of repeated theft, spitting, striking and abuse from gangs of children pickpockets.

How do you address that while being a Member of the European Parliament? You should have made your inclusion and human rights statements public at the Louvre gates among those Roma exploited children and fight for real solutions and not very far away in Romania in a comfortable company asking for ethnic voting support!

It is even more obvious than the botox enhancement, you know?

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4 Responses to Louvre Museum Closes Gates While Elena Basescu (MEP) Runs Roma Ethnical Campaign

  1. Ah, botox, I was wondering what that was.

  2. ladynyo says:

    We are elderly Americans with health issues and we will NOT visit Paris. Roma are not looking for inclusion. They yell and scream about it, but make no attempts to follow the civic guidelines of decency.

    Lady Nyo

    • Cristina P. says:

      Thank you very much for your comment. However, I had to edit it because this is my blog and I choose to moderate comments and not promote hatred. This post was about smth else, but related to the Roma minority the discussion is long and thick. This post did not want to generalize the problem, however, truth is that children, regardless of their ethnic origin are being exploited here and adults should take the blame. That’s how I see it.

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