Interview Notes: Should I Bring My Cat In?

I was going through some relevant articles about interview dos and don’ts these days. I mean face-to-face interviews. I am not talking about those big competency based interviews or behavioral interview formats. I have been tested in psychological assessments lasting some 6 hours just as I have also experienced 5 minutes interviews completely unrelated to the sought position and that felt awkard.

As far as I see it in a simplified manner and I certainly do not want to make this post complex, very much does not apply or at least some of it still applies with some bigger actors and is quite irrelevant for others.

It depends: each interview accomodates a certain potential employer and the position’s relevant duties as well as a different approach to recruitment. Basically, there is no recurring pattern for the interviewed person apart from the obvious.

Still there was this article advising on don’ts as in: don’t offend your potential employer by bringing in your pet or parents at the interview… But who would do that? Really?

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8 Responses to Interview Notes: Should I Bring My Cat In?

  1. tell me please, into your reader can see my posts?

  2. Alastair says:

    Haha .. I love that 😀

  3. Love the caption on this :-)..

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