Topless Ambition Gone Wrong. Why Femen Cannot Compete With Vladimir Putin

When in Rome… or when in Hanover… Femen got it really wrong this time: first Berlusconi, now challenging Putin! What were they thinking? Girls, please select your target first…



Here is what Vladimir Putin said in a follow up news conference reported by Reuters:

“Regarding this performance, I liked it,” grinned Putin at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. “I did not catch what they were shouting, I did not even see if they were blondes, brunettes or chestnut-haired …”

But, who can compete with this catwalk topless blonde model???

Outdoor catwalk with Vladimir PutinDmitry Astakhov / Itar-Tass / Corbis

Outdoor catwalk with Vladimir Putin
Dmitry Astakhov / Itar-Tass / Corbis

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11 Responses to Topless Ambition Gone Wrong. Why Femen Cannot Compete With Vladimir Putin

  1. Of course he didn’t catch their hair colour. Typical man, eyes always too far south of the neck and nort of the belly to notice any other detail.

  2. ledrakenoir says:

    Very well written… 🙂

    People like Berlusconi (and Putin too I think) loves being surrounded by young women with bare torsos – then Berlusconi will be inspired to even more new hair transplants… “lol” 🙂 😉

  3. Loving the last pic!

  4. EmilyAnn Frances says:

    I agree. The last photo says it all.

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