Airline Connectivity: Going OnAir with British Airways on European Flights

Do you happen to use your mobile phone after boarding a plane or do you just linger over your inflight magazine thinking about the next travel opportunities?

According to a recent survey run by British Airways in Europe, Romanians are on top of passengers wishing to go mobile while on a flight. Although British Airways already has an OnAir service for flights on board of the Club World London City Airbus 318 giving you access to email, text messages and the internet, on all other aircraft mobile devices can be used only if the flight safe mode has been activated before take off.

The main reason for this survey was to identify connectivity top preferences for short distance flights within Europe. The survey included some 2,000 passengers boarding a plane at least twice a year originating from Romania, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands etc.

Some 37% Romanian passengers argued that use of mobile devices while on board would be appreciated compared to 16% French and Belgian passengers. Tech enhancement on planes also included valued access to e-books instead of the usual torn inflight magazines as well as Internet connectivity, online check-in and having your boarding pass on your cell phone.

The reason why Romanians rank so well in a tech survey for airline operations and services is, and you would agree, that a Stansted – Bucharest flight or Madrid-Bucharest takes considerably more time than for other Western Europeans, so most of the rankings here can be explained by the distance effect less by being profoundly tech savvy.

For example, self-service kiosks at the airport did not rank well generally speaking, why is that? Because no matter the nationality people still hustle through airports and miss flights, therefore  bothering with queuing with the crowd when one is definitely in a hurry still does not do the trick no matter how efficient those kiosks may turn.

I think technology use also depends on the way an airport integrates its electronic and traditional operations alongside an airliner’s services. One without the other would be meaningless.

I have never missed my plane, but I did lose trains.

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