What’s In A Name? Laura Codruta Kovesi, Future Head of the Romanian National Anti-Corruption Directorate

Back in January 2013, the European Commission had released the latest progress report on justice affairs and fight against corruption regarding Romania within the framework of the Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification that is currently enforced.

The MCV progress report was undoubtedly highlighting lack of decision regarding the nomination of the “new Prosecutor General and head of the National Anti-corruption Directorate (DNA) who would enjoy public confidence and demonstrate the independence, integrity and professionalism needed to deliver effective results in fighting corruption”.

Laura Codruta Kovesi, Nominee for Head of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate / Romania

Laura Codruta Kovesi, Nominated as Head of the National Anti-Corruption Directorate / Romania

As such, Romanian PM Victor Ponta who, one should add, is entangled in a strange political construct made of the Social-Democrat and National Liberal Party, found himself caught in a dilemma: to nominate or not to nominate Laura Codruta Kovesi as Head of the DNA.

That was the question, even more so when Kovesi is the former Prosecutor General of Romania and overtly backed by President Traian Basescu and the parliamentary Opposition, Democrat Liberal Party or what’s left of it. Kovesi seems also backed by Ion Iliescu, former Romanian President and Honorary President of the Social-Democrats. Consensus seemed on its way if it weren’t for the Liberals… The dilemma now solved and Kovesi agreed on as the new Head of DNA  ends for now the European agenda, but tramples on the national political construct since the liberals or let’s say, the Crin Antonescu wing are set on fighting back and force an unfriendly rupture.

Weary of European to-do lists and shameful progress reports, PM Victor Ponta might have even nominated someone else just to keep on holding hands with the Liberals, however since the Social-Democrats and the Liberals are “married without children”, no fuss intended in the first place, the public square definitely awaits for a divorce between the two parties just as well as the Democrat Liberals are ready to join an awkard Liberal wing headed by Tariceanu.

Crin Antonescu as leader of the Liberal Party knows that a major public break down is counterproductive so he:

a) is either left with working on his own reputation by frequent visits to the confirmed political news channel Antena 3 of his fellow Conservative friend, Dan Voiculescu (by Conservative we mean that he is prone to habits Romanians thought they lost with the 1989 Revolution), former senator twice resigned from office for fear of ending up as Adrian Nastase did (i.e. behind bars);

b) or he might ask justice guarantees for some of his troubled friends. And he has a handful of them…

Therefore, waiting for Godot, or should we say Crin Antonescu’s reaction today, we might say that the political game is far from over in Romania, more so when the Head of Anti-corruption Directorate vacancy is at stake! Who would like, after all, to go behind bars? Because there are so many that qualify for it and the EU knows it just as PM Victor Ponta and former President Ion Iliescu know it.

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