DANONE In Aflatoxin Crisis: Dairy Products Recalled from Romanian Market

UPDATE 19 March 2013. Lab test results certify that aflatoxin levels were within European margins (e.g. a maximum of 0.05 micrograms per kilo). Danone Romania has announced today that it had received the official results on the level of aflatoxin existing in the products recalled yesterday from the national market indicating that aflatoxin levels were below the European legal margins and safe for consumers. However, all recalled products (some 60 tons of yoghurt and cream) shall be destroyed.

Tell me where you buy your yoghurt from, so that I know what type of cancer you’re likely to develop! As if the horsemeat scandal was not enough these months, Romania is leading yet another food security scandal including a dairy aflatoxin scare as well.

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Today, Danone Romania decided to prevent an aflatoxin major crisis and recalled dairy products that may have been contaminated already AND is currently blocking 75 tons in dairy stocks. The measures have been taken after one of his main providers has been identified with severe levels of aflatoxin way above the legal margins.

Danone Romania has started a swift process recalling all products originating from this provider and is expected to finish it by the end of the day, the company stated in a press release. Romania is under a national scare after health inspection authorities have identified high levels of aflatoxin in raw milk originating from several providers including some from Hungary.

According to a survey conducted by Rogalski-Grigoriu Public Relations Agency released last week, 2 out of 5 Romanian consumers have stopped buying raw milk ever since the aflatoxin scare expanded nationwide.

Aflatoxins are toxic metabolites produced by certain fungi in/on foods and feeds. They are probably the best known and most intensively researched mycotoxins in the world. Aflatoxins have received greater attention than any other mycotoxins because of their demonstrated potent carcinogenic effect in susceptible laboratory animals and their acute toxicological effects in humans. Aflatoxin M1 excreted in raw milk and derivatives is susceptible of producing various types of cancer on long term exposure.

Do you miss your grandma’s cow right now? At least you knew what she was chewing on all day long!

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6 Responses to DANONE In Aflatoxin Crisis: Dairy Products Recalled from Romanian Market

  1. I never heard of the fungal toxin. Thanks for the information. Do you have the equivalent of the FDA in your part of the world? How is it all regulated? It’s nice the Danone took it upon themselves to force the recall.

    • Cristina P. says:

      Well, there’s a start for all things, I guess. Yes, we have the equivalent of the FDA at a European level. European Union’s regulations are then transferred in each country’s legislation, therefore if the aflatoxin levels from a certain provider were above the legal margins even if the contaminated milk further dilluted its aflatoxin levels into milk that was certified OK, that still presented a problem from the legal point of view, that’s why Danone chose to recall its products. Last week, the aflatoxin scandal exploded with several providers so Danone chose to make itself this decision rather than be forced into it by food inspection authorities. Which is good for the consumer.

  2. Paul J. Stam says:

    So glad you liked “What Makes An Artist? – Revised” on Paper, Mud and Me. Till next time – Aloha – pjs.

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